Visibrain opens up to TikTok, YouTube and dashboards3 minute(s)

Oct 19, 2021 2 min

Visibrain opens up to TikTok, YouTube and dashboards3 minute(s)

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For its tenth anniversary, Visibrain has been revamped to offer monitoring modules for YouTube and TikTok (unique!) and the creation of smartboards.

To remember:

  • It is now possible to monitor TikTok and YouTube on Visibrain.
  • Visibrain allows you to create dashboards that are accessible on mobile phones (responsive), adapted to use in a social room (real-time data) and cross-referencing data from different social networks.
  • Visibrain is strengthening its position on social networks (vs. other sources) and in particular on the networks that generate the most engagement.
  • The quality and simplicity of its interface have become a top priority for Visibrain.

In more detail :

Visibrain becomes the first monitoring solution publisher to integrate TikTok in such a solid and structuring way in its interface. The French publisher is thus advancing in its quest to cover social networks after having implemented two modules offering more complete access to Facebook and Instagram publications than many solutions on the market.

The new TikTok and YouTube modules, available to a few lucky testers beforehand, take the form of the existing Facebook and Instagram modules (profile mosaic, list of publications, etc.) and are marketed by number of collection requests (or "topics" in Visibrainian language), in unlimited data.

New for Visibrain, the dashboards are fully customisable (within the limits of the available metrics), optimised for mobile reading (responsive) and, interestingly for agencies, can be branded (colours, logo). The user can also annotate the displayed graphs by inserting a comment before sharing the dashboard or exporting it in PDF format. The icing on the cake is that the smartboards are available to Visibrain users on an unlimited basis.

My comment:

Visibrain continues its race to cover social networks that are otherwise inaccessible or insufficiently covered by many major monitoring platforms. Visibrain remains a fully social media-centric platform and claims to be a 'social network specialist'. Its interface reflects (or reinforces?) the role of social networks as the gateway to online monitoring.

Visibrain's argument in favour of TikTok and YouTube is based on the amount of engagement generated by users on these networks. The direction Visibrain is taking is bringing it closer to both brands and marketing professionals and definitely away from the classic Twitter and online press reputation management tool.

Visibrain is tackling the functionality of editing deliverables (smartboards) while remaining faithful to its minimalist approach to its interface, which would guarantee simple use according to Jean-Christophe Gatuingt: "it is easy to make things complicated and difficult to make things simple. The complexity of certain monitoring tools, resulting from an accumulation of functionalities, would have taken on anxiety-inducing proportions. This may seem surprising coming from a player who has made the good days of Gephi in the Parisian agencies.

Visibrain is therefore entering this new field by offering relatively simple functionalities covering the spectrum of statistical analysis, for example on the number of publications, engagement metrics or the most active or engaging authors.

Will the publisher's quest for coverage continue in the area of social networks or will it still be tempted to bring segmentation features to its users on its next birthday?

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