State of Social Listening (Silab): users demand quality data2 min read

Jun 8, 2022 2 min

State of Social Listening (Silab): users demand quality data2 min read

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The Social Intelligence Lab, based in Glasgow, surveyed 350 social media intelligence professionals. Tonight at 8.40pm (GMT+2), it unveils the results of its survey, which we highlight for its unparalleled comprehensiveness and relevance.

Users of monitoring platforms demand quality data (68.4%), a wide variety of data sources (64.5%), segmentation and categorisation capabilities (42.6%), inclusion of multiple regions and languages (40%), or powerful filtering and ranking features (34.2%).

Here is an overview of the most requested features by users of monitoring platforms, which we are allowed to reveal to you today in exclusivity (percentage of respondents who checked the box):

We will not make a habit of promoting events. However, we invite you to participate in the videoconference this evening at 20:40s, during which the The results of this study will be unveiled.

No other study today seems to us to question social media intelligence professionals in such a complete and relevant way. We realised this when we took part in the survey and the results, which we were able to preview, reflect the seriousness of the survey.

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If you were a subscriber to Actus Veille Hebdo, you would have participated in this survey. So, why the wait?

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