Why Actus Veille Hebdo?2 min read

Mar 10, 2022 2 min

Why Actus Veille Hebdo?2 min read

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Since my first internship in 2007 until I left the agency world, I have always observed, with regret, the lack of time to ensure a technology watch worthy of the name, or even the total absence of such an approach.

However, technology watch is essential in a profession that is constantly changing, such as that of monitoring and analysis. In addition to this, there is a chronic lack of sharing of good practices between colleagues and between entities, from departments to agencies, from management to companies.

It is not a question of casting aspersions on professionals who are short of time or guided by their personal, commercial and career ambitions, all of which are legitimate. However, it is time to move forward, together, in the field of monitoring and analysis in the service of communication and marketing.

Consultants, tool publishers, freelancers, employees, coders, hobbyists, we all represent this exciting profession.

Taking on the role of trainer-engineer, nothing holds me back from sharing the latest tips and my keys to understanding this profession. While ensuring absolute confidentiality and transparency in my various missions, I will do my part to advance this profession, on my own scale.

It is for these reasons that I have chosen to make the Actus Veille Hebdo newsletter accessible to everyone, without limits or constraints. As long as I find the time to do it with you, it will be free and free of advertising and spam.

My curation work leads me to select content written by the various stakeholders in the monitoring and analysis process in a commercial context. Three essential selection criteria apply to this content:

  • the content helps trade members to improve their practice
  • the content encourages reflection on the trade, placing it in a wider context
  • the content allows to follow the evolution of the market of monitoring and analysis

I hope that each week Actus Weekly Watch will bring you the useful information I have always dreamed of. Like an espresso for some, a breath of fresh air for others.

Enjoy your reading!

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