What do you find in Actus Veille Hebdo?2 min read

Mar 10, 2022 2 min

What do you find in Actus Veille Hebdo?2 min read

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Spoiler Alert: the weekly newsletter Actus Veille Hebdo (AVH) is constantly evolving. Here is what you can find in AVH every Wednesday morning.

AVH has three main missions towards you, its readership:

  • help you improve your monitoring and analysis practice
  • encourage you to think about your job and place it in a wider context
  • to enable you to follow developments in the market for monitoring and analysis

Below are the current sections of the newsletter. If you have any suggestions, please let us know via this form.

New features What new services and improvements do monitoring tools and social platforms offer?

Market news How do the publishers of monitoring tools position themselves? How are they evolving in their market ecosystem?

Reflections and comments How are the uses of platforms evolving? What role do monitoring and analysis play in our society? What are the challenges of information and communication through the prism of monitoring and analysis?

Best practices, tips and advice What approaches should be chosen to carry out online monitoring and analysis? How can you make the most of your analytical skills in other communication professions? What tips should you follow to make your daily work easier?

Best practices, newscases & usecases What case studies from publishers, agencies or brands can you draw inspiration from?

Hacks and code How to integrate data analysis into your practice? What concepts and technologies should you be familiar with?

Tool recommendations What tools should be considered for the different digital tasks in communication and marketing?

Upcoming events What webinars should you register for and participate in to keep up to date with best practice in the profession? Which events to attend to meet other members of your profession?

They said no editorial rules apply to this section apart from the mood and humour of the newsletter editor

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